Life Stories of the Pharmaceutical Profession (October 12, 2011)

The university community was able to enjoy the opening of the Exhibition: Life Stories of the Pharmaceutical Profession. The exhibition features the reconstruction of the oral history of the pharmaceutical profession through interviews carried out by first-year students (PharmD 2015) with pharmacists graduated from the School of Pharmacy in the 1940s, 1950s and 1960s. The testimonies and anecdotes of the trajectory of university studies and the professional practice of these pharmacists allows to recreate what was the old College of Pharmacy in the Rio Piedras Campus to transport us in time and recover the stories of our School, that on September 22 of 2013, celebrates its Centennial.

The Beginning, Evolution and Transformation of the Pharmacy Profession: A Critical Look (September 9, 2010 to January 31, 2011)

The Museum of Pharmacy and Medicinal Plants opened a temporary exhibition entitled “The Beginning, Evolution and Transformation of the Pharmacy Profession: A Critical Look” at the Luis Torres Díaz Hall. It is a pro-ject, presented by pharmacy 2014 students from the course, Psychosocial Basis, Culture and Management Theory – Practice Seminar I, coordinated by Prof. Mayra Vega in collaboration with Dr. Nicole Quiles and Prof. Ni-noshka Coll. The exhibition examined in a critical manner historic events that contributed to the evolution of the pharmacy profession. The purpose of this project is to illustrate to the pharmacy professionals and the gen-eral public the significance of the profession throughout time in a dynamic and visual way.

Towards a New Museum of Pharmacy and Medicinal Plants (September 25, 2008 to August 13, 2010)

A temporary exhibition entitled “Towards a New Museum of Pharmacy and Medicinal Plants” was opened on September 25, 2008. The exhibition presented the history of both the former Luis Torres Díaz Pharmacy Museum and the Medicinal and Poisonous Plants Garden, and their integration into the new museum concept. This integration was captured by a new museum logo, designed by Ninoshka Coll, in which the historical collection was represented by a golden apothecary jar, embellished with an olive green plant representing the medicinal plants collection. The colors, in that order, are those of the UPR Medical Sciences Campus and School of Pharmacy. The exhibition also presented a video show of the Medicinal Plants Garden with its recently constructed pavilion suitable for workshops, presentations and other activities, as well as sketches of the new building under construction for the School of Pharmacy, which includes a specially designed space for the Dr. Luis Torres Díaz Hall of the Museum. In addition, the new mission and vision, organizational structure, achievements and challenges of the Museum were presented.