Summary of Strategic Goals

  1. Excellence of Academic Programs
    • Provide excellent academic programs that will foster the School’s leadership and competitiveness in Puerto Rico.
  2. Research
    • Promote interdisciplinary research to improve the health of the individuals and the community.
  3. Service
    • Promote interdisciplinary service activities to improve health of individuals and the community.
    • Enhance visibility of the faculty in decision-making bodies and stakeholders locally, nationally or internationally.
    • Strengthen School of Pharmacy units that serve the internal and external community.
  4. Technology
    • Promote the effective and efficient use of technology to support teaching-learning, research, and administrative processes.
  5. Resources
    • Provide the fiscal, human, physical and technological resources necessary for the development of the academic programs.
  6. Organizational Culture
    • Transform the organizational culture in order to foster an environment where faculty, students and support staff feel committed to attaining the School of Pharmacy vision, mission and values.
  7. Global Impact
    • Strengthen collaborations with other schools of pharmacy and organizations at a national and international level.
  8. External Stakeholders
    • Integrate the views of stakeholders from diverse perspectives and experiences in order to improve the academic program effectiveness.